Thursday, November 17, 2011

Says.My : International Humanitarian Conference 2011

ViewerIf you’re SERIOUSLY KEEN about humanitarian care, aid and relief service - *GOOD NEWS!* you MUST attend INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN CONFERENCE 2011. Many rush to help others especially when we read about disasters in the papers. However, sometimes, we need to be aware that the "help" we generously offer is not what they, disaster victims need. Thus, this conference aims to get us to re-look at how we can be better at delivering aid and relief. Hence: DOING IT BETTER: TRANSFORMING HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS.

If you run an NGO or is an active staff or volunteer, this is the right opportunity to come and learn from the some of the best. Come to network and perhaps create synergistic collaborations between NGOs.

This promises to be important conference and opportunity to explore if you would like to consider a career in humanitarian service.

Come meet like-minded people at the conference!

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