Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Says.My : How can you eat that cute panda?

Standalone10mmMillions of people around the globe look into the future hoping for a brighter one with each new day. But we could lose our natural gifts. Everyday someone consumes an endangered species. Everyday someone pollutes the ocean, killing healthy marine life. Everyday a forest is threatened by deforestation. Everyday wildlife gets killed for sale.Without healthy forest and marine ecosystems, our food supply would be adversely affected. Without healthy forests, we could lose our freshwater sources, ultimately depreciating our quality of life. By helping to protect our environment, we are also protecting our livelihoods, food and water supply; securing our good quality of life and our children's bright future. Make the right call and pledge  to "Live Green".
What does it mean to Live Green?
: A decision to stop consuming endangered wildlife, which helps conserve healthy marine and forest ecosystems, thus protecting our food, freshwater and other ecological services; ultimately safeguarding our quality of life.

Choose to be a conservation hero for the good of all the Earth!

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