Friday, February 11, 2011



Finally, there are somebody following my new blog!!!Well!!Well!!Well!! That make me appreciated ...Hahaha!!!Super Thank You to Fazlan, Liz and Mus ....Without you who i m!!!huhuhu (sound sorts receive an awards..hahahah!!) Actually,I'm not good in writing!!!Yeah!! I admit~~(Hahaha~without my recognition,you still know the fact when you read my writing...)it makes me less qualified to be a blogger!!!huhuhu~~ I still remember during the high school, I'm never ever score higher in writing,either in Malay or English..This all because.....I much enjoying my teen life!!!hahaha~~without thinking too much to future!And now,I realize the important to be a good in all aspect of life!!!~Em~that mean "writing" is one of it??Yeah..of course!!!through the writing you can produce your own idea and one of the greatest medium to sharing your idea is by blog..Ngee!!!All right,back to the root~I just wanna say that I'm here to sharing my "sickness"..huhuhu!!! What kind of "sickness" that I wanna share with you!!!Are you afraid??~~hahaha!!! First of thing I wanna say,that I'm not a Cracker (whom make a computer virus and "share" it to other people) and I'm not a Bad Scientist (whom make a virus and spread it to other people,then make a medicine just for money.) Ohya~I'm also not a kind of patient that suffering a pain as you thinking.. The "sickness" that I mean not like it all..It just a  metaphor!! Em~~How to explain ha???well~> Let's me give you,the meaning of the "sickness" that i'm suffering!!..

Sick of writing~> Huhuh..look like I've too many idea that i wanna sharing with you!!and i wanna discuss it more in more to find the good answer!!!

Sick of snapping~> When I see something beautiful, !!I want to memorize!!But my HDD (hard disk drive) doesn't allow it by send a pop up message ("memory is full,delete some data") to be able to memorize that beutiful one, I'm capture it using camera..!!!

Still don't get it???huhuhu~~whatever!!!
There are many other "sickness" I'm suffering right now!!but for this moment,that all i wanna say!! Keep in touch,if you wanna know more about my "sickness",because in future post I wanna tell you the rest of it..

p/s : thank you keep reading my silly posting and always be patient with the weaknesses of my English until end!!huhuhu...please comment,if there is a mistake for me to improve in the future!!

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