Wednesday, February 23, 2011

.Sick of AniGa:.


Opss..First of thing!!! AniGa??What the heck???? Ooo... AniGa = Anime + Manga.. Do you know Anime and Manga?? If you don't know click this and this one. It will bring to wikipedia~~Hahahah!!! Well i don't have much time and energy (?????) to explain more and more!! Ok..If you already know what kind of Anime and Manga i've refer to,then just move on to know the other "sickness" that i've suffering <~As I say before!!

Well~Well~Well!! Actually I'm Otaku (If you don't know,feel free to click this)..Mmmm..but I'm not that kind of Otaku that you see in anime or J-movie,someone with a big glasses and wearing whatever that make him look nerd!!!I'm a "Special Otaku" (hahahah..there are also special one???)..Em!!Guess what make me be a special Otaku??? hahaha...~ the fact, I'm not wearing a glasses!!!~*is that make you special??Well..Of couse!!!hahah!!Actually,that not true. Because there are a lot of Otaku out there,whom not wearing glasses just like me!! What make me saying that I'm special Otaku??I've no idea~~hahaha!!!!

Ok!!Back to Anime and Manga!!! Ohwww...I really love both of this.!That make me Sick of Anime and Sick of Manga..There are a lot of manga and anime was published since late 19th (...i guess)!!Em!!!I think that i want to be a hero,just like an anime hero that create by Mangaka...Hahahah!!!Daydream...

When i was a kid,i will wait infront of television at 3.oo pm and 7.oo pm!!.Guess what for (don't feel bored to guess...hahaha)???
3.oo pm = Watching "Tomatoman" and
7.oo pm = Watching "Doreamon"..

When +/- 10 years old, I always want all of day is Saturday!!!Again,guess!!! because 9.oo am in Saturday, I'm watching Dragon Ball..always got excited waiting next Saturday.Hahaha!!!

Em..after Form 5,my sickness become worse!!! I've spent more then one hundred every month (well..this time i worked with my i've my own money!!!) to buy a manga and dvd of anime..I have a lot of manga and dvd collection at that time!!! Kreko is the most I must purchase every month..A lot of manga in it. But all of my collection have been burned when the house of my uncle we live burn!!! Huuhuhuh... Since that, i dont't want to buy a manga or dvd again!!~>

But,it's doesn't mean I was cured from my sick of aniga, I still read manga and watch anime through internet!! A great resource right now!!! I can read and watching my favourite manga online.. Ok!!!That's enough for this time!!! before say good bye,I want tell you my Favourite Anime!!!well!!I will list it from the most one...

1~ Naruto
2~ Midori No Hibi
3~ Bakuman
4~ Fairy Tail
5~ Bleach
6~ Huhuhu...feeling too lazy to list all of it..Anyway!!I like all of it!!!

~~So,What do you think??? Am i a Special Otaku or???hahaha...whatever::just forget it,This is my story!!!Huhuh::~~

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